Intro to Photoshop Elements 2022 ONLINE

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Intro to Photoshop Elements 2022 ONLINE

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Begins at 10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST
Check-in begins at: 9:45 AM PST | 12:45 PM EST

9:30 AM PST | 12:30 PM EST

Come and learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022.

NOTE: This is a THREE HOUR class that meets online.

This three hour class is for SAG-AFTRA members interested in learning how to edit images using Photoshop Elements 2022. Specific lessons include importing and exporting files, resizing images, correcting exposure, color correction, removing blemishes, and the use of layers within Photoshop. 

You must have the software to participate in this class. There is a free 30-day trial for both Mac and Windows computers:

Please Note: This class is not an introduction on how to use a computer, so basic computer skills are needed.  No exceptions.


- Working knowledge of a Mac or PC
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021