Getting Deeper Into REAPER with James Romick (Intermediate Level)

Voiceover Lab


Getting Deeper Into REAPER with James Romick (Intermediate Level)

Monday, August 15, 2022

Begins at 12:00 PM PDT | 3:00 PM EDT
Check-in begins at: 11:45 AM PDT | 2:45 PM EDT

2 Hours

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Join REAPER devotee and extraordinary voice talent James Romick for your next step into self-recording with this flexible DAW. This session will build on your basic knowledge of REAPER to improve work flow and demonstrate tips, tricks and tools to create seamless edits and repair audio “on the fly.” This session will cover Punch & Roll, Record Mode: Time Selection Auto Punch, the use of Cross-Fading, creating and using a Room Tone Loop, how to create Presets to Render .wav and/or .mp3 files (REAPER can do both simultaneously), and use the “Dry Run” Render feature to check Peak, RMS or LUFS file stats without having to Render a file at all. This session will briefly touch on the use of External Editors such as iZotope RX for sound quality improvement. If you are ready to take your knowledge of REAPER to the next level, this session is not to be missed!  


This is an intermediate level class. To get the most from this session, participants should be able  set preferences and do a basic record using REAPER. Participants are required to stay for the duration of the session. 


James Romick

James Romick has been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1980.  Between acting gigs in the mid 1980s, James also studied audio engineering at The Institute of Audio Research in NYC when editing analog magnetic tape with a splicing block and razor blade was the norm. Although he has a working knowledge of many different DAWs, James is a REAPER devotee and offers one-on-one sessions via Zoom on how to set it up and configure it for voiceover and audiobook production.