SHOWLAUNCHER: The Meeting & The Deal

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Los Angeles

SHOWLAUNCHER: The Meeting & The Deal

Patrick Jager

Thursday, December 13, 2018

7:00 PM PST
Check-in begins at: 6:30 PM PST

This program is FULL

In partnership with National Association of Television Program Executive (NATPE) and RevThink



  • Going it alone vs. partnerships: understanding negotiations and managing ongoing relationships.
  • Getting the meeting: learning about agents, executives and gatekeepers. 
  • How to present effectively, and memorably!
  • Reading the room: the art of the PIVOT and knowing when to go in for the kill.
  • Leave behinds: production values and when they can leave you behind
  • You’ve sold a project…now what?
  • Dealing with distribution & producing partners
  • Dealing with distributor expectations - budget, schedule, edits, benchmarks, etc.

TV development opportunity is finite, content opportunity is not. And as platforms increase, the number of pitches that sell decrease. So now you’re stuck wondering: WTF is no one buying my idea?

Simply put, your content is not what’s wrong, it’s how you’re developing it. TV Executive Patrick Jager turns content development on its head. Now you too can learn how to successfully sell your idea to the audience that’s ready to buy it. His proven method comes from 10+ years of leadership in content development and series production and is based on one simple thought: don’t sell TV, rather develop TV that sells.

Watch Session One,  Understanding The Market Place, and Session Two, Perfecting the Pitch.

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