Sal Schiavone (Under 18 Only)

Casting Access Specialty

Los Angeles

Sal Schiavone (Under 18 Only)

Sunday, February 17, 2019

10:00 AM
Check-in begins at: 9:45 AM

--Actors will be added to the class from the waitlist on a first come, first serve basis after we verify that they are under 18--


This class will include a prepared reading session with an experienced casting professional.

Actors may choose their own scene or monologue. PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE MATERIAL THAT IS CURRENTLY CASTING -that means material you just auditioned with or have an upcoming audition for. Please ONLY use material for projects that have already aired on TV or film. Please also be aware to choose material appropriate for an under 18 audience.


Salvatore Shiavone has been working in casting for 3+ years, primarily on TV/film projects involving children and teens in both comedy and drama. Currently he just wrapped on season 2 of a children's multicam with Howard Meltzer. He has previously worked with casting directors Susie Farris, Rich Delia and Mele Nagler.


You MUST be under 18 to attend this class.

Actors must be paid-up and active SAG-AFTRA members.

You will not be added to this class if you have taken a class with Sal in the past year.

NO LATE ARRIVALS and NO WALK-INS are admitted. You MUST log in to your SAG-AFTRA Foundation account and sign up on our website. Only those participants who have received a telephoned or e-mailed confirmation message from Casting Access staff will be admitted to the session. Waitlisted individuals who have not received such confirmation will not be admitted at the door. Please do not show up if you have not been explicitly confirmed as RSVP'd.

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