SAG-AFTRA Foundation Short Film Showcase

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Los Angeles

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Short Film Showcase

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

7:00 PM
Check-in begins at: 6:30 PM


The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Los Angeles Short Film Showcase is a cinematic celebration of new projects designed to encourage performers to create their own short films and web series.

Held twice a year, in April and August at our Los Angeles Screening Room, the showcase not only features a shorts program, but includes a Q&A and reception with the films’ directors, producers and actors present at the screening.


BENNY GOT SHOT - Malcolm Washington , writer, director
When Naomi, a young autopsy assistant at the LA County Coroner's office, realizes her brother has gone missing on the night of a police shooting, she is forced to confront her worst fear, that his body may be in the morgue.

THE CLEANSING HOUR - Damien LeVeck, director, editor, producer
Two failed filmmakers have found success running a webcast that streams LIVE exorcisms. However, every episode is an elaborately staged hoax, created to dupe their global audience. But, when their latest subject turns out to actually be demon-possessed, Lance and Drew are forced to reckon with their online charade- live in front of millions viewers.

FRIDAY NIGHT - Joey Horvitz, producer
While visiting her daughter who is studying abroad in France, Claire is thrown into the midst of a city-wide attack. In a place where she doesn't speak the language or know her way around, she's forced to navigate this French metropolis in the dark of night in a desperate search to find her daughter and ensure her safety.

HOME - Russell Simpson, writer, director, executive producer
A woman returns to her marital home with her parole officer after serving twenty years in prison.

LEMONADE MAFIA - Anya Adams, director, producer
Kira's Organic lemonade dynasty becomes in jeopardy when new comer Shantel Osgood sets up an extremely successful competing pink lemonade stand that encroaches into her territory.

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