Andrew Dawson's Exploring Principal ADR

Voiceover Lab

Los Angeles

Andrew Dawson's Exploring Principal ADR

Thursday, October 12, 2017

7:30 PM
Check-in begins at: 7:15 PM


Sometimes during filming, the audio recorded by a principal actor just does not cut it.  This hiccup is considered a non-issue though, because "you can just fix it in post." Quite the familar refrain, is totally true. However, what happens when a principal actor is not available to re-record the bad audio? They bring YOU in to record the audio, so long as you understand what to do and how to do it.  In this workshop, actors will learn some of the basic concepts and techniques involved in principle ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) from a respected ADR Supervisor. 


Andrew Dawson

Over the past 25 years, Andrew has built one of the more unique careers in Los Angeles: VO performer, ADR supervisor, sound designer, teacher, and demo producer. His sound work is heard on hundreds of TV and film projects, recently winning an Emmy Award for Best Sound on "American Horror Story: Asylum" and an Emmy nomination for the 2016 re-make of "Roots". In addition, Andrew's voice can be heard on a regular basis in promos, trailers, commercials, and video games.

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