On-Camera Lab
Guidelines and Application

The On-Camera Lab is a space for union performers to record high quality auditions as well as gain valuable experience in front of a camera. We provide a quiet space, professional lighting and camera equipment and a trained technician at no cost. Applications are usually processed within 24 hours, but can take up to 1 week to be approved.  Please be patient. Thanks!

If you'd like to participate in the SAG-AFTRA Foundation's On-Camera Lab, you will first need to complete three steps.

Please make sure your name matches the name on your SAG-AFTRA or Equity ID Card and that your phone number is current.


  1. Please come prepared. This means you have rehearsed your lines and you know all of the casting director’s instructions for the audition.
  2. Bring two copies of your sides. One for you and one for the reader. We won’t be able to print copies for you.
  3. Do not arrive late. The session that follows yours will start promptly and you will be given no extra time.
  4. Do not touch any of the equipment. The technician will operate all equipment and make all necessary adjustments.
  5. Turn your cell phone off. It may ruin your best take.
  6. Do not come in costume or bring any props. Your audition is supposed to be about your performance.
  7. Present your paid-up, current SAG-AFTRA ID or Equity card. If your new card has not yet arrived, bring your SAG-AFTRA dues payment receipt.
  8. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Members under 18 years old are REQUIRED to have their parent or guardian present during the recording session. There will be no recording session without a parent or guardian present.
  9. Bring your own USB Flash Drive or standard SD card. We will not let you record without a Windows or Mac compatible flash drive with AT LEAST THREE (3) GB of free space. Keep no other important files on the drive as we may need to format it, which would erase the contents of your drive. If you're buying a new flash drive, we recommend a getting a USB 3.0 flash drive with a 16GB or 32GB capacity. You're also welcome to bring a portable USB 2.0 or 3.0 hard drive (the kind that doesn't require a separate power supply). Alternatively, if you prefer to bring a standard-sized SD card (32 x 24 x 2.1 mm), we can record directly onto it. Keep no other footage on the card, as we may need to format it.
  10. You are responsible for uploading and submitting your audition. Our technician will not be available to assist you with editing, uploading or submitting your audition so please familiarize yourself with these processes prior to using the lab.
  11. Bring your own reader if possible. It is always better to have an actor you are comfortable with do the reading with you but otherwise our technician will assist you. Readers do not have to be SAG-AFTRA members, but under no circumstances can non-members appear in front of the camera. 
  12. Your appointment is only for you.  You cannot book an appointment for another member or non-member. You are expected to use the lab for the duration of your appointment.
  13. We are not a rehearsal studio. Scene work with 2 or more actors is not permitted. Auditions and monologues only, please.
  14. Failure to show for an appointment will result in a “No-Show.” Two “No-Shows” within 60 days will restrict your ability to sign up for new appointments for 90 days.
  15. You must have an appointment to use the On-Camera Lab. Members are not permitted to show up in the hopes of squeezing in an audition. If a member cancels last-minute, we're happy to accommodate, but you must email audition@sagaftra.foundation (for the On-Camera Lab – New York)  or auditionLA@sagaftra.foundation (for the On-Camera Lab – Los Angeles) to inquire about last-minute cancellations. Members without an appointment are not permitted to wait outside the lab.

How to use the On-Camera Lab:

  1. To reserve a time slot, go to your Member Dashboard and select the On-Camera Lab for Los Angeles or New York under the “BY APPOINTMENT ONLY” calendar. Then reserve an open time slot.
  2. You can book up to 5 days in advance. The 5 day window includes the weekend even though we are closed Saturday and Sunday. 
  3. Time slots are 15 minutes long and you can sign up for two time slots every week. You can reserve two slots in a row if you know that you need more time for your audition.
  4. If you need to cancel your appointment, return to the On-Camera calendar and click “Cancel” at least 24 hours before the time of your appointment.
  5. If you have a last minute need to tape an audition but there are no time slots available, please contact the New York staff directly at audition@sagaftra.foundation or the Los Angeles staff at auditionLA@sagaftra.foundation to inquire about any last-minute cancellations. 
  6. Show up on time for your appointment. Bring two copies of your sides, a properly formatted flash drive or SD card, and your SAG-AFTRA or Equity ID. We will not allow you to record your audition if you fail to provide these materials at the start of your appointment.
  7. Five (5) minutes before the end of your appointment, the technician will transfer your audition footage to your flash drive. You must take the footage home to edit, upload and submit your audition. If you need help with this step and you live in New York, please visit the Computer Lab – New York’s scheduled Lab hours.