Voice Overs As Acting Not Just Being a "Voice" with Voiceforward's Anna Garduno

Voiceover Lab

New York

Voice Overs As Acting Not Just Being a "Voice" with Voiceforward's Anna Garduno

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

6:30 PM
Check-in begins at: 6:15 PM


Anna's class will include:

1. Class will begin with listening to demos and pointing out the nuances in the reads that make them stand out.

2. We will record  copy for  Commercials and  Animation  and discuss how to make your reads pop so that you book the job. Anna will give direction and students will give several reads per spot and we will play back so that class can hear the way reads evolve. 

3. We will integrate techniques  into your recordings for 'putting your signature" on your read so that your auditions stand out and you book more jobs.with pacing, script analysis, matching the reads to the brands, tone of voice as a storytelling tool,

4. We will also cover how to interpret and integrate the often vague and confusing notes you are given by casting people, directors and producers into your reads 

5. Regarding animation we will go over how to create characters that are authentic and original. 

6. We will go over marketing, where you fit in the market specifically and expanding your range.

7. Online casting -being your best director.

8. Agents -how to get them working for you. 

9. Demos, - what makes a great demo, how to find material for your demos , what makes then stand out from the crowd, 

10. Finally, She will give you pragmatic and fun homework that you can do on your own so that you can continue to build confidence and VO craft as well as becoming a great director for all your auditions.


Anna Garduno is a Bicoastal Actor- Producer- Teacher and the founder of VOICEFORWARD. Anna teaches classes for VO Commercials, Animation, Promos, Narration, and Games in both LA and York. She has been a guest teacher for NYU Voice Over program and is on the faculty of the Tom Toddoroff  Conservatory. Anna has been nominated best VO teacher on both coasts two years in a row by the readers of Backstage. She is the only nominee to be given this honor for both NY and LA . As an actor Anna has decades of experience as a VO artist. She can currently be heard voicing the character of PALMON on the DIGIMON animated series as well as Selby  the bear on the animated  series KIOKA. Anna was nominated best character voice actor for her role as Kiera in the playstion games Jak and Daxter 1 and 2 . by the  Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, 

Anna also produces demos with her students working closely with each student to write/ and or select and rehearse copy that best suited to their unique strengths and range. Voice forward students have booked hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jobs on their own as well as through agents they work with based on their demos.   Agencies Anna's students work with include VOX, SBV, INNOVATIVE, CESD, ACCESS TALENT, DPN, DDO, ACM, PARADIGM, ATLAS and more.


Two Solo Booth sessions must be completed.

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