Vocal Warm-Ups for Voiceover

Voiceover Lab

New York

Vocal Warm-Ups for Voiceover

Monday, June 17, 2019

3:00 PM
Check-in begins at: 2:50 PM


Auditions can be sprung on you at anytime.  Ack!  You're about to narrate a 9-hour audiobook.  GAH!   You got your first animation/videogame gig. Whoo hoo!

Your voice is your instrument.  But like with any instrument, you need to warm it up before performing.  This class will demonstrate and provide you with vocal warm-ups you can use on a daily basis to get yourself ready before you head into auditions and recordings.

Booth director and experienced VO talent, Tatiana Grey, will go over different vocal warm-up exercises and techniques to get you and your vocal chords ready to spring to action.   

So, come by and spend a couple of hours at the lab honing your skills in this safe environment!

Please note: this is a class aimed specifically for voiceover.  These methods may not be suitable for singing.


Two solo booth sessions must be completed.