The VO Lab's Commercial Workout (Read Requirements)

Voiceover Lab

Los Angeles

The VO Lab's Commercial Workout (Read Requirements)

Friday, October 4, 2019

6:30 PM PDT
Check-in begins at: 6:15 PM PDT


We've had a lot of really good groups of people recently for this workout. Join us and your VO peers for a group workout, but leave your barbells and yoga mats at home, because this workout is all about helping you strengthen your VO chops.  Practice reading your favorite commercial copy and get helpful adjustments from your VO Lab peers.  Be ready to offer constructive feedback and support the learning process. VO Lab workout groups are a great way to fine tune your craft and have some fun in the process. Yes...these are intended to be fun.  


If you are on the RSVP list for Dynamic Duos - Commercial Workouts for Two (Or Three) on October 2 2019, you are not eligible for this offering. 

If you are completely new to voiceover, you must complete the VO Lab's Beginner Bundle: Introduction to Commercial VO Workouts class before attending The VO Lab's Commercial Workout.  Beginner Bundle classes are posted at different times during the month just like our other classes.,  so check the Program Calendar regularly for new classes.

This workout is for commercial copy only. Bring two (2) pieces of commercial copy to the workout, as the Lab's copy/iPads will not be available.  Copy sources: audition copy, transcribe magazine/newspaper ads, radio, TV and internet commercials.

Be rehearsed and prepared. 

You must stay for the entire program, which is from 6:30pm-9:00pm.

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