Intro to Narrative Video Editing with iMovie for Mac ONLINE

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Intro to Narrative Video Editing with iMovie for Mac ONLINE

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Pacific Time - 9:45 AM PDT
Eastern Time - 12:45 PM EST

This program is FULL

NOTE: This is a THREE HOUR class that will take place ONLINE.

To participate, you must confirm the following:

1. You can participate using a desktop computer (Mac or PC). No smartphones or tablets. 

2. You have a reliable Internet connection (Wifi at home).

3. You can successfully run this Zoom/audio test -

* Zoom is a web conferencing provider which the Foundation will be using for its remote programming. It may require you to install some software which should be seamless.

This three hour class is for SAG-AFTRA members interested in learning how to edit narrative projects (e.g. short film, web series) using iMovie. In this class you will learn all of the basics of how iMovie works by editing a short scene.

Please Note: This class is not an introduction on how to use a computer, so basic computer skills are required. No exceptions. 


- An Apple Macintosh computer (desktop or laptop) with the latest version of iMovie installed (version 10.1.14)
- Desire and ability to learn to edit digital video footage using Apple iMovie.