Amber Horn

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Amber Horn

Monday, May 25, 2020

Pacific Time - 11:30 AM PDT
Eastern Time - 2:30 PM EST

This program is FULL


This online class will provide feedback from an experienced casting professional on self-tapes from each participating actor. No more than 20 performers will be participating.  

Participants will be assigned scenes by the Casting Director on Monday May 25th. You will have until Thursday May 28th 9:00am PDT  to rehearse, record, and upload a video containing your performance of the material you chose.You will upload the video using your Actor's Access account via EcoCast. The casting Director will provided notes during the Q&A/Watch Session on ZOOM.

 Participants MUST be able to complete a self-tape and submit it on Actors Access via EcoCast by 9:00am PDT Thursday, May 28th.  On May 28th at 12:00pm PDT (the same day) the Casting Director will host a Q&A/Watch Session. and give notes to actors in real time while the class watches simultaneously. The Q&A /Watch Session will be hosted via Zoom on May 28th at 12:00pm PST . The date listed for the class is the day enrollment and cancellation close, and your headshots are sent to the casting director.Only participants RSVP'd for the class by Monday, May 25th will be sent the submission instructions for the class.  Only actors who have submitted their self-tape on time by 9:00am PST Friday, May 15th will be invited to the Q&A/Watch Session that occurs at 12:00pm PST that day.


About 10 years ago, Amber Horn partnered with casting director Danielle Aufiero to start the television and  film casting company Aufiero Horn Casting. Together, the pair have cast over 50 feature films and 25 television pilots and series. Aufiero Horn Casting is known for a number of projects, suck as Andi Mack, On My Block, and Sound of My Voice, plus many projects soon to be released as well, such as The Baby Sitters Club. A few of the companies they have cast projects for are ABC, MTV, Amazon, Warner Brothers, The CW, ABC Family, Disney Channel, Netflix, Paramount, Walden Media, Ncikelodeon, Disney + and Facebook. For a more detailed list of credits, please see Amber's IMDb page.


You must have completed a Casting Access Application  to participate in this class.

You must be able to submit your video via EcoCast on Actor's Access.

If you RSVP for this class you must be able to upload your video by 9:00am PDT on May 28th. DO NOT BE LATE. Those who have been seated by May 25th are expected to comply. You must cancel your reservation if you cannot comply. 

Your video will not be accepted IF:

-Your video is shot vertically instead of horizontally. If you need to shoot on an iPhone or tablet, turn it sideways.

-It is not appropriately framed. Standard framing is top of the head to mid chest.

-The video has poor sound, clarity, or lighting. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it cannot take away from your performance.

-You have a distracting background. If you cannot provide a solid background, a minimal background is best.

-Your video has title cards or subtitles. They are unnecessary.

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