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Chadwick Struck

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Pacific Time - 5:30 PM PST
Eastern Time - 8:30 PM EST

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This confidential online class will provide feedback from an experienced casting professional on self-tapes from each participating actor. No more than 15 performers will be participating.  

Please prepare a 2-3 page scene from Film/Television that represents you well. Consider choosing a scene that fits your type and showcases your skills as an actor. Monologues will not be accepted.

Participants MUST be able to complete a self-tape and submit it to by 11:00am PST Tuesday, January 19th.  On Jan 19th at 5:30pm PST | 8:30pm EST (the same day) Chadwick Struck will host a Q&A/Watch Session. and give notes to actors in real time while the class watches the self tapes together.  All participating actors must have the capability to watch the class' self-tapes during the Q&A/Watch session. 

The Q&A /Watch Session will be hosted via zoom on January  19th at 5:30pm PST | 8:30PM EST 

Only actors who have submitted their self-tape on time by 11:00am PST Tuesday, January 19th will be invited to the Q&A/Watch Session. 

You will have until Tuesday January 19th 11:00am PST  to rehearse, record, and upload a video containing your performance of the material you chose.You will upload the video using your YouTube account and email the video link. The casting Director will provided notes during the Q&A/Watch session. 


CHADWICK STRUCK has worked in the entertainment business for 23 years.  He has cast feature films, television, theater, Jameson First Shot Short Films (6 Year Project), digital content, commercials and PSAs.  He started in casting but now casts and produces. He has Co-Produced 10 films + few as a Producer, with several in development.

Chad began his career working for a prominent Casting Director on Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and several Star Trek video games which to led to working on Star Trek: Enterprise.  He proudly worked at the largest Theater on the West Coast (Center Theatre Group of Los Angeles: Mark Taper Forum & Ahmanson Theater). He worked with playwrights & Directors including Neil Simon & Shakespearean Legend, Sir Peter Hall.  He spent the next seven years working in casting for Television.

In 2004, Chad began working with a prominent Feature Film Casting Director, helping cast projects like: Herbie: Fully Loaded, Just Friends, Chaos Theory, and The Heartbreak Kid.

Notable Films:  Mini’s First Time (2005), Tribeca Film Festival, Columbus Day (2007), Zombeavers (2014) Tribeca Film Festival, + several festivals, Arctic (2018), Starring Mads Mikkelsen Premiered @ Cannes Film Festival.  He also Co-Produced and was Casting Director of Outlaws & Angels (2016) which premiered at the SUNDANCE Film Festival and was selected as one of Variety’s 21 Best Films Of Sundance that year. 

His latest film, The Swing of Things(LIONSGATE), a comedy Starring Luke Wilson will begin streaming in Summer of 2020.


You must use discretion in this class. Sharing photos or video from this class will result in a 6 month suspension from any Casting Access program. You must have completed a Casting Access Online application prior to registering for this class.

If you RSVP for this class you must be able to upload your video by 11:00amPST on January 19th. DO NOT BE LATE. Those who have been seated by January 15th are expected to comply. You must cancel your reservation if you cannot comply. 

Your video will not be accepted IF:

-Your video is shot vertically instead of horizontally. If you need to shoot on an iPhone or tablet, turn it sideways.

-It is not appropriately framed. Standard framing is top of the head to mid chest.

-The video has poor sound, clarity, or lighting. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it cannot take away from your performance.

-You have a distracting background. If you cannot provide a solid background, a minimal background is best.

-Your video has title cards or subtitles. They are unnecessary.

-Your video settings are not Unlisted. Videos that are Private or Public will not be accepted.

-You “share” the video through YouTube. You must email the video URL to the specified email address.