Amanda Alley

Casting Access Online


Amanda Alley

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Begins at 7:00 PM PDT | 10:00 PM EDT
Check-in begins at: 6:45 PM PDT | 9:45 PM EDT

1 Hour


This online class will provide feedback from an experienced casting professional. No more than 20 performers will be participating.

The date listed for the class is the day enrollment and cancellation close, and your headshots are sent from Casting Access to the Casting Director.  There will be a Q&A with the Casting Director hosted on ZOOM on July 29th.

After the Q&A, each actor will select a film or television scene, no longer than 2 minutes, that best fits their type to submit in the form of a self-tape.

You will have until August 3rd 9:00am PDT | 12:00pm EST to rehearse, record, and upload a video containing your performance of the material you chose. You will upload the video using your YouTube account and email the Unlisted video link. The casting director will review your workshop video and provide notes. 


Amanda Alley, formerly known as Amanda Jacoby, is coming up on 4 years at Skydance Media, working on the feature film creative development team. In addition to working as the department's sole development coordinator, today she is now the junior executive on half of the Skydance Feature Film slate, helping to bring filmmaker's creative visions alive. Prior to her time at Skydance Media, Amanda worked as a casting director and associate for various television, film, and national commercial projects including Comedy Central's "Adam Devine's House Party," pilot casting for "Code Black", amongst an extensive list of other independent films. Amanda plans to share her experience navigating the talent world through the eyes of a casting director and budding development executive.


You must have completed a Casting Access Online application prior to registering for this class.

If you RSVP for this class you must be able to upload your video by 9:00am PDT on August 3rd. DO NOT BE LATE. Those who have been seated by July 28th are expected to comply. You must cancel your reservation if you cannot comply. 

Your video will not be accepted IF:

-Your video is shot vertically instead of horizontally. If you need to shoot on an iPhone or tablet, turn it sideways.

-It is not appropriately framed. Standard framing is top of the head to mid chest.

-The video has poor sound, clarity, or lighting. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it cannot take away from your performance.

-You have a distracting background. If you cannot provide a solid background, a minimal background is best.

-Your video has title cards or subtitles. They are unnecessary.

-Your video settings are not Unlisted. Videos that are Private or Public will not be accepted.

-You “share” the video through YouTube. You must email the video URL to the specified email address.