Animation VO… Casting & Directing with Collette Sunderman and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

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Animation VO… Casting & Directing with Collette Sunderman and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Collette Sunderman, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Bob Bergen

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Begins at 7:00 PM PST | 10:00 PM EST
Check-in begins at: 6:45 PM PST | 9:45 PM EST

1 Hour

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Animation voiceover is an incredibly creative space for voiceover performers.  Your voice literally gives characters….a voice , and your acting instincts add nuance and authenticity that shape the personality traits of those characters. But that all begins with casting. We want to help you learn more about the casting side of animation voiceover and what you can expect during animation sessions once you book the job.

So, we encourage you to come meet Collette Sunderman and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, two highly respected VO professionals with extensive backgrounds in animation voiceover casting, directing and more. They are going to spend some time sharing what they know and provide you with useful information about the process.

Moderated by Bob Bergen


Collette Sunderman

Collette is an Emmy Award nominated Voice and Casting Director on several award winning animation TV series with experience in animated features, television series & commercials, theme park, theatrical and video games.  She began working in the animation industry in 1990 at Hanna-Barbera Studios where she worked her way up to the position of Director of the Recording Department moving on to become the Director of the Recording Department at Cartoon Network when they opened their doors until going freelance in 2005.  She is currently working on a few series including HBO’S – Mo Willems’ Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed special, Mo Willems’ Unlimited Squirrels  series, Disney Jr’s Pupstruction, Muppet Babies & T.O.T.S., Cartoon Network’s Victor & Valentino, Lego’s Lego City Adventures, Mattel/Netflix’s He-Man Masters of the Universe & Masters of the Universe : Revelation, Nickelodeon’s Deer Squad, Mattel’s We are Barbie and a couple ‘to be announced’ projects.

Several productions she has directed and cast in the past are Stretch Armstrong, Ben 10, Avengers Black Panther Quest | Spider-Man | New Looney Tunes, various DC Girls  properties and various LEGO properties Be Cool Scooby--Doo | King Julien of Madagascar | Mixels  | Marvel  Avengers  Assemble  | Ultimate Spider--Man | Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. | Looney Tunes | Xiaolin Showdown | Adventure Time with Finn and Jake| Generator Rex | Foster’s Home for Imaginary  Friends | Chowder | Camp Lazlo | Codename:  Kids Next Door | Samurai Jack | Duck Dodgers | Class of 3000 | Wow Wow Wubbzy | Johnny Bravo | Star Wars:  Clone Wars | Powerpuff Girls | Dexter’s Laboratory | Kenny & the Chimp.

She’s also expanded her pool of experience with the a recent Saatchi & Saatchi Lucky  Charms commercial campaign seen nationwide.  

Her Interactive titles include: Final Fantasy  VII Remake  | Final Fantasy | Batman:  Arkham City | Batman:  Arkham  Asyllum | Scooby-Doo | Watchman | Guardians of Gahoole | Armored Core | Clash of the Titans | Batman Legos | Speed Racer | Fusion Fall | Steel  Battalion  | Viewtiful Joe and several others.

Some of the production companies/studios she has Cast and/or Voice Directed for include:  DreamWorks | Saatchi & Saatchi | Marvel Studio | Warner Bros | Cartoon Network | Disney | Nickelodeon | 20th Century Fox | ABC | Sci Fi Channel | Comedy Central  | Mark Burnett Productions | Hanna-Barbera | Frederator Films | DC Comics  | Film Roman (Starz) | Sony  | THQ  | V-Tech  |EA | Ubi-Soft | Leap Frog | Capcom  | Nick Jr.  | Bondai Namco.

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is an Emmy nominated voiceover director and American Anime Award winning actor of original animation and foreign dubbing. She is also the singer for the Silent Hill game series and movies.

Mary Elizabeth started as a voice director of Anime dubs with Cowboy Bebop, Digimon Tamers, Wolf’s Rain, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Stitch! and Glitter Force. She then moved on to dialogue directing for original animation and was nominated for an Emmy for directing the voices on Rapunzel’s Tangled Aventure. She is also the dialogue director for GLAAD award winning She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Saturn Award winning Star Wars Resistance for Disney/Lucasfilm, Lego Star Wars Holiday Special and Terrifying Tales, Doug Unplugs and Dragons: Rescue Riders for Dreamworks as well as Unikitty, Bunnicula, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and co-director for Green Eggs and Ham for Warner Bros. She also directed the VO on Billy Dilley’s Super Subterranean Summer and Penn Zero: Part Time Hero for Disney. She has directed the 6 Naruto Movies and received the SPJA award for best director for her work on the series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.  She has also voice directed many video game titles which include Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Afro Samurai and Silent Hill.

 As an actress, Mary Elizabeth portrayed Major Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost In The Shell Innocence, Solid State Society and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex for which she won the American Anime Award for Best Actress. She is currently playing Coach Brunt in Carmen Sandiego, Freya Fenris and 4D-MIN for Star Wars Resistance, Cetrion in Mortal Kombat 11, Dynamite Watkins in OKKO and Connie’s Mom in Steven Universe. She is also known for playing Governor Pryce in Star Wars Rebels, Valkyrie in Lego Marvel’s Avengers, Talis in StarCraft II, Johanna the Female Crusader in Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm, Naoto in Persona 4, Queen Metalia in Salor Moon Crystal, Kurenai, Mei, and Lady Kurutsu in Naruto, Nina Williams in Tekken, Alex Wesker in Resident Evil and Brooha in Glitter Force.


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