Intro to Photoshop Elements 2022, PART 3 ONLINE

Computer Lab Online


Intro to Photoshop Elements 2022, PART 3 ONLINE

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Begins at 10:00 AM PDT | 1:00 PM EDT
Check-in begins at: 9:45 AM PDT | 12:45 PM EDT

3 Hours

9:30 AM PDT | 12:30 PM EDT

NOTE: This is a THREE HOUR class that meets online.

This 3-hour class picks up where we left off in Part 2 of this class, Intro to Photoshop Elements 2022. In this class, we'll spend more time touching up headshots with various methods of removing blemishes, adding eye light, adjusting skin tone, lighting contrast, adding background and text, among others. 

Please note that you must have previously taken the Part 2 class and you must also have the software, Photoshop Elements 2022, in order to participate. You're welcome to use prior versions of the software, but we will not be able to address discrepancies during the class. Also, using the regular version of Photoshop is not recommended. 

Please Note: This class is not an introduction on how to use a computer, so basic computer skills are REQUIRED.  No exceptions.


- Working knowledge of a Mac or PC
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022