You Are A Vocal Athlete : Optimizing Voice Endurance and Longevity with Nora Whittaker Jones

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You Are A Vocal Athlete : Optimizing Voice Endurance and Longevity with Nora Whittaker Jones

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Begins at 9:30 AM PDT | 12:30 PM EDT
Check-in begins at: 9:15 AM PDT | 12:15 PM EDT

2 Hours


An exploration into the mechanisms of voice production, vocal health and training your instrument for a long and healthy career.  This presentation is appropriate for all voice professionals at various stages in their careers.  Attendees will learn to think about their voices through the lens of athletic training: How can you build voice endurance?  How do I know I’ve sustained a vocal injury and what can I do about it?  Cutting-edge research and knowledge about the voice will be shared including improving endurance, expanding your vocal abilities and adapting to changes in your voice and body throughout your entire life.  


Participants must stay for duration of presentation. Please note: This session is on a Saturday.


Instructor Bio 

Nora Whittaker Jones CCC-SLP

Nora Whittaker Jones CCC-SLP is a speech pathologist, singing teacher and musician whose performance experience includes opening for Bruce Springsteen, playing at the All-Good Music Festival and at WXPN’s Xpontential Music Festival. She has extensive recording studio experience in addition to international live performance experience.  Her vocals have been featured on Philadelphia-area hip-hop albums and a Coke Zero commercial with G-Love and Special Sauce. She also performed in and wrote for the Philadelphia-based hip hop/singer-songwriter hybrid group, “The Hustle”. Nora has performed her original songs at such esteemed venues as the World Café Live (Philadelphia, PA), The Tin Angel (Philadelphia, PA), The Bitter End (NYC), Club Passim (Cambridge, MA), various venues in Italy and in California. She studied classical and musical theater repertoire with soprano Heidi Hayes for over 10 years.  Alongside performing as a professional singer/keyboardist, Nora has taught singing lessons for over 20 years. She received a Masters from Temple University in Speech Language Pathology with the intent to gain more knowledge about the science of the singing voice. Since then, she has co-taught a course in Voice Disorders in Professional Voice Users at Temple University and currently teaches the Voice and Airway Disorders class at Salus University. She currently works as a speech pathologist at UCHealth Outpatient Rehabilitation Printers Park Medical Plaza in Colorado Springs, CO, while completing voice coaching and singing lessons via private practice.

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