Beginner Level Dialogue Voiceover

Voiceover Lab


Beginner Level Dialogue Voiceover

Friday, September 23, 2022

Begins at 12:00 PM PDT | 3:00 PM EDT
Check-in begins at: 11:45 AM PDT | 2:45 PM EDT

3 Hours


Two or more voiceover actors tackling the same copy at the same time in the same recording space is an exciting proposition.  It requires good timing and vocal dexterity to keep the dialogue sounding interesting , lively and conversational.  It's a bookable skill that takes practice and focus. We will introduce concepts and direction that will help individual performances mesh to benefit the collective  read. This program is specifically tuned for performers that are new to dialogue voiceover and copy will be provided by the VO Lab.


Restriction: If you previously participated in a Beginner Bundle: Intro to Dialogue Voiceover, or Dynamic Duos: Commercial Workouts for Two (or Three), you are not eligible to participate in this offering.  Instead, look for our next Dynamic Duos: Commercial Workouts for Two (or Three) and sign up..   

There may be a limited number of designated readers chosen for this class/workout, depending on the number of performers and class time. Everyone on the RSVP and Waitlist will be notified about designated reader updates, prior to the class start time, when needed.

Attendees must be present for the entire program (see Duration above).

Join Details will be emailed 1-2 hourse before the start time of the class.