Voiceover Lab



Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Begins at 12:30 PM PST | 3:30 PM EST
Check-in begins at: 12:15 PM PST | 3:15 PM EST

2 Hours 30 Minutes


In voiceover, actors are often confronted with short pieces of copy and tasked with making that minimized copy sound interesting. That is tough enough, but what's more challenging is being asked to "give it to me in trips."  Trips meaning triple or three times.  How do you create three great performances, three times in a row with each performance sounding different than the other two? Well, during this workout, we are going to work on that and see if we can improve your voiceover game in triplicate.  It's going to be a Trips!


If you attended Trips! on January 20, 2023, you are not eligible to attend this program.

Attendees must be present for the entire program.

Copy will be provided by the VO Lab.

Avoid late/last minute cancellations: If you are uncertain about your availability/ability to participate in this offering, please do not register at this time. Instead, look for an opportunity to join us when your schedule permits.  Registering early for a program and then cancelling late in the process makes it difficult for the VO lab to present the program we have planned and can deny a fellow actors the opportunity to attend.