Twisted Wave 102: How to Master Your Audiobook Recordings and More (Read Synopsis and Requirements)

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Twisted Wave 102: How to Master Your Audiobook Recordings and More (Read Synopsis and Requirements)

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Begins at 6:00 PM PDT | 9:00 PM EDT
Check-in begins at: 5:45 PM PDT | 8:45 PM EDT

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Twisted Wave 102 is specifically tailored to those that want to understand the final stage (before digital distribution) of audio production for recorded audiobooks.  The process is called mastering and mastering is required before an audiobook can be released.  We will be exploring next level mastering concepts and building on what you learned in our Twisted Wave 101: Recording, Editing and Workflow class and/or from what you have gleaned by being a proficient user of the software.  This class may benefit voiceover performers that want to understand how audio processing can affect other voice recordings. Lastly, it is a prerequisite for Twisted Wave 103,  where participants will learn about specific plug-ins that will add another layer of professional quality to your VO recordings.   


This is an advanced class that will discuss audio mastering techniques to help actors prepare recorded audio for audiobook distribution. Attendees should understand the basics of Twisted Wave or other audio recording software.   However, this class provides essential information for audiobook narrators that want to learn and understand mastering techniques. Seating is limited to better serve the attendees. 

Proficiency recording with Twisted Wave and/or completion of Twisted Wave 101: Recording, Editing and Workflow.  Email us at if you have questions about this.

Participants must stay for entire program (see Duration above)

Though Twisted Wave has an iOS version, iOS (iPads/iPhones) will not be the focus of this workshop. 

Have your Mac with Twisted Wave downloaded and operational for the optimal learning experience.  Twisted Wave can be found at: