Assigned Scenes with Kathleen Parker

Casting Access


Assigned Scenes with Kathleen Parker

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Begins at 1:00 PM PST | 4:00 PM EST
Check-in begins at: 12:45 PM PST | 3:45 PM EST

3 Hours

Wednesday, February 21, 2024


This class will include a Q&A and a prepared reading session with  LA based casting professional, Kathleen Parker.

Participating actors will prepare and perform a scene from film or tv, two minutes in length or less.  Sides will be assigned and sent out within four days before the start of class.


Kathleen Parker has worked in Casting for 13 years. She has worked in various casting offices in that time and has gained experience in film and tv, as well as both comedy and drama. Having started out as an actor herself, Kathleen not only has a love of actors, but has the ability to offer guidance from her unique perspective in both fields.  For a full list of credits: