Voiceover Audition Practice: Submission, Review and Feedback - Animation Sides

Voiceover Lab


Voiceover Audition Practice: Submission, Review and Feedback - Animation Sides

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Begins at 2:00 PM PDT | 5:00 PM EDT
Check-in begins at: 1:45 PM PDT | 4:45 PM EDT

2 Hours

Wednesday, July 10, 2024


Voiceover auditions can be exciting, inspiring and...stressful.  You record the audition, send it off and then.....? Crickets. That can leave you wondering: Did anyone listen to my audition?  if so, what did they think about my performance?  How does my recording space/studio sound? Was my submission competitive? In this class we will help you fill in the blanks and answer your voiceover audition questions,  We will review your audition, provide feedback on the recording quality, constructively critique your acting performance and more.   Read the REQUIREMENTS for important details.

Instructor, Eric Hurst (Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab Audio Engineer/Booth Director


This is a small format class with a maximum capacity of 25 actors.  Each actor on the RSVP list will be an active participant.

Be prepared and equipped to complete a voiceover audition from home and follow the submission instructions (along with the animation sides), which will be emailed to those on the RSVP list and on the Waitlist by Wednesday, July 10, 2024 by 2:00 PM (PT) / 5:00 PM (ET). 

Those on the Waitlist are not officially seated, but may be seated if someone on the RSVP list cancels.  By having your audition recorded and ready for submission means that you will be prepared to participate, if moved to the RSVP list.  It's also good practice.  

 Submission details and deadlines are subject to change.