Meg Morman

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Meg Morman

Meg Morman

Sunday, March 15, 2015

10:00 AM
Check-in begins at: 9:45 AM


Austin, Texas - This 2 hour workshop will include a Q&A and a prepared reading session with an experienced casting professional. Sides will be emailed to shose who are confrimed as RSVPed. 

University of Texas, Austin

Building: Loren F. Winship

Room: 2.112


Meg Morman is a casting director at Morman Boling Casting with Sunny Boling.
As casting associate and casting director, she has cast over 100 films and television shows including Futurestates, for which she was nominated for an Artios, Ice Age, The Italian Job, Without a Paddle, The Final Cut, Last Holiday, The Grudge 3, Take Me Home and Unconditional.
She recently cast Tabliod, After We Rest, Nightlight, Lost Time, Cardboard Boxer, and The Last Light.
Her current projects include The Grid, Fighting Jacob, Tearjerker, and Will and Zoe.


You do NOT have to complete a Casting Access Application in order to particapte in Casting Access workshops in this city. 

You are not restricted in the number of Casting Access workshops you wish to attend while we visit this city. Please make sure you are not registering for workshops that occur at the same time/overlap in time. 

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