Voiceover Workshop w/ Sara Krieger

The Business

St. Louis

Voiceover Workshop w/ Sara Krieger

Saturday, September 12, 2015

10:00 AM
Check-in begins at: 9:45 AM


St. Louis, MO.

What  makes  a  good  voiceover?  What  is  the  best  way  to  approach,  break  down  and  fully   understand  a  piece  of  voiceover  copy?  What  is  the  secret  of  a  competitive  read? How  does  one  read  get  chosen  over  another  to  land  the  job? During  this  fully  comprehensive  and  hands  on  seminar  we  will  answer  these  and   many  other  questions.  
In  it,  we  will  cover:       

• Analyzing  and  breaking  down  copy-­‐  from  the  standpoint  of  the  actor,   the  copywriter  and  the  producer       
• Finding  your  emotional  point  of  view    
• Understanding  the  competitive  read    
• Taking  direction-­‐  effectively
• Dissecting  different  types  of  reads-­‐  from  “authoritative”  to   “conversational”  to  “celebrity”  
• Tackling  The  Cold  Read  
• Giving  contrasting  alternate  reads  that  stand  out  
• Self-­‐  directing  auditions  from  home  
• Working  effectively  on  mic  
• The  Professional  Demo  

And  much,  much  more!    

In  this  two  hour  seminar  offered  by   NY  voiceover  talent  and  teacher  Sara  Krieger,  we ’ll  not  only  address  all  of  these  key  points, but participants  will  also  have  an  opportunity  to  read  copy  and  be  individually  coached.  This  seminar  is  sure to  inform  and  enlighten, and will allow you to leave with some very powerful professional tools!


Sara Krieger transitioned from a celebrated music career in New York to become one of the most steadily working female actors in Voiceover. While her career in music included gigs at the Blue Note in NY and Japan, Jazz festivals around the world and Carnegie Hall (most notably as one of the original members of the Grammy award winning group ‘New York Voices’), what was originally intended to be a supplementary move to Voiceovers evolved into a full time and well regarded career. Sara has recorded accounts for Estee Lauder, Thermasilk, Orencia, Citbank, Unicef, HGTV, Fox TV, Bloomberg Radio and countless others. For the past 13 years, she has worked steadily on Late Night with David Letterman, as one of his monologue “skit voices”, as well as filling in for Dave’s regular on air announcer, Alan Kalter, in his absence. Sara is also an accomplished voiceover coach. In addition to teaching privately, she has also taught many courses for the union’s “Business of the Biz” series, of which she was a co-creator. She recently moderated the successful SAG Foundation’s The Business panel, which presented "The Evolution of Women in Voiceovers” (which can be seen on Youtube). In addition, she is a regular contributor to the EIF Voiceover Lab of the SAG Foundation in New York.

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