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Los Angeles

Smartphone Filmmaking

Ricky Fosheim, Erika Heidewald, Luis Eduardo Juarez, Michael Koerbel

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

7:00 PM
Check-in begins at: 6:30 PM

7:05 PM PDT


A big component of The Business program is encouraging SAG-AFTRA members to create their own work. Many people are walking around with a camera in their pocket that is good enough to use to create a short or feature film. This panel will cover various topics including why a filmmaker might want to use a smartphone, gear and accessories, shooting, post-production, and essential apps.


Ricky Fosheim
Ricky is the founder of Detention Films, where he has produced three feature films and dozens of music videos. Ricky recently produced, directed and shot And Uneasy Lies the Mind, one of the first feature films shot entirely on the iPhone. Uneasy won best feature film at the iPhone Film Festival and also screened in the Film Excellence in Title Design Awards at SXSW, where it was nominated against True Detective, Masters of Sex, Pacific Rim, and The Lego Movie. Ricky has also shot dozens of award winning short documentaries for The Salvation Army, where he specializes in disaster relief filmmaking. The documentaries have dealt with heavy subject matter, including two young Filipino men in search of their missing families after Typhoon Haiyan, a Nepalese community trying to rebuild after the earthquake, and an orphanage in South Africa that helps with "dumpster babies." Ricky holds degrees in both Film Production and Business Entrepreneurship from Loyola Marymount University.

Erika Heidewald
Erika is an actress and filmmaker. Her big-screen acting debut as the scheming teen Sandy in Bloomington premiered at Outfest in 2010. She wrote, produced, and starred in Everyone I Knew and Loved, filmed in her hometown of Bloomington, Indiana and completed this year. Her first feature film shot on the iPhone, Hello Summer 1979, was just completed, making it the first zero-budget iPhone period piece. The World and Me and Everything, her second feature as a director, shot on the iPhone in 16 countries across Europe and the Middle East, is now in post-production. Erika also hosts the monthly standup show Minotaur and has a YouTube channel with her girlfriend Frida at Erika and Frida. In her free time she listens to dubstep, travels, and writes feminist rants on social media.

Luis Eduardo Juarez
Luis is an Award-Winning filmmaker, who has demonstrated his natural abilities from a young age as a musician, actor, painter and designer. In 1994 he founded LEJW Productions, which produced and recorded several Guatemalan rock bands. In 2001 he moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker and subsequently studied his craft religiously and freelanced in the industry whenever he had a chance. During that same period he founded his business Media-7, a Multimedia Design Studio that allowed him to expand his talents as a Web & Multimedia Designer, Creative Director and Video Producer. In 2008 he graduated from the New York Film Academy with great reviews on his thesis "Finding A Place" which he wrote, produced, shot, directed and edited by himself, winning an "Award of Merit for best Student Production" in the Accolade International Film Festival for his outstanding production. In 2009 he founded "Indiefone Film Fest" a cutting-edge video contest that invites filmmakers to use their creativity to the fullest by shooting a video project entirely on iPhones. In 2016 he wrote, produced and directed "Scratch The Fate" a full-length movie shot, edited, and scored entirely with an iPhone 6s; the first ever of its kind. To this day Luis Juarez also has produced and directed many award-winning music videos that have reach millions of views on YouTube.

Michael Koerbel
Michael picked up an iPhone in 2011 to shoot a film and hasn’t looked back. The film “Apple of My Eye,” which featured a model train set, went viral immediately, and was later followed up with the spy thriller “Goldilocks” series, also shot on an iPhone. Michael has been featured in Adweek, Creativity, the New York Times, CNN, The Guardian, PBS, USA Today, and by Apple – as well as hundreds of other publications highlighting his unique iPhone filmmaking and distribution methods. He has spoken at The Academy of Arts and Sciences, SXSW, the DGA, TED, and most recently, Ireland's mojocon. Michael is a MFA graduate of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, and currently directs commercials using a variety of cameras for brands such as Axe, Coca-Cola, mike's, Mattel, Samsung, ESPN, NBA, Jaguar, Toyota, Porsche, Scion, Buick, and Royal Caribbean.


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