Short Film Showcase

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New York

Short Film Showcase

Maleni Chaitoo, Jenna Laurenzo, Dawn Han, Danae Grandison, Caroline Mariko Stucky, Nadia Zoe

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

7:00 PM
Check-in begins at: 6:30 PM

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s New York Short Film Showcase is a cinematic celebration of new projects designed to encourage performers to create their own short films and web series.  

Held biannually in March and September at the Robin Williams Center, the showcase presents a juried selection of shorts followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, and featured actors present at the screening.

This Q&A will be moderated by Michael Sládek, filmmaker with Plug Ugly Films, theater director, writer, actor, and New York Rep for SAGindie. 

Mariachi Madness | Co-written and Directed by Nadia Zoe 

Alex finds his girlfriend’s cat, Hugo, unresponsive and turns to Javier, his father, for help. With years of wisdom behind him Javier tells his son to just tell her the truth. Rose unexpectedly arrives early to up Hugo and after a confusing interaction gathers that something is wrong. Mistakenly thinking that Hugo has gone missing she tells Alex to just find him. Javier calls upon his former mariachi group in an attempt rectify the situation. When they arrive at Rose’s New York City apartment Carlos, the band leader, breaks a window in a failed attempt to get Rose’s attention. Eventually the group garner’s not only her attention, but that of the neighborhood and the NYPD. Things don’t end well for Alex and Hugo, both of whom get tackled by one of the officers. The police part ways leaving Alex to face a distraught Rose. Javier consoles his bereft son with some midnight tacos.

Us| Written, Directed, and Produced by Caroline Mariko Stucky

Jo is an outgoing, liberated second generation Chinese-American girl who begins a passionate romance with Helen at the opening of the film. Since long before dating Helen, Jo has been extravagantly out and on the scene as a lesbian, but crisis unfolds when she reveals a secret. Helen can't swallow the news and suddenly mistrusts Jo's intentions and fidelity.

[Re] Defined | Written and Directed by Danae Grandison

Two awkward Brooklyn teenagers searching for acceptance while navigating through life and the changes. Will their friends and family accept them? 

Don't Shoot the Messenger (EP 3)  | Produced by Maleni Chaitoo
Jacob, a klutzy sign language interpreter, fumbles through life in NYC hopelessly lost in translation. Although he’s fluent in two languages, both his personal and professional lives are riddled with ridiculous misunderstandings. He constantly finds himself in awkward situations he can’t make sense of with eclectic Deaf and hearing New Yorkers.

Cork ManWritten and Directed by Dawn Han

A man with a hole in his head tries to hide his deformity until one day he crosses path with a mysterious stranger.

Girl Night Stand | Written, Directed, and Produced by Jenna Laurenzo
A young woman questions her sexuality after having a one night stand with another woman.

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