Casting Access w/ Jennifer Cooper

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Casting Access w/ Jennifer Cooper

Saturday, June 10, 2017

1:30 PM
Check-in begins at: 1:15 PM


Honolulu, HI

This two hour class will include a Q&A and a prepared reading session with an experienced casting professional. See requirements below for prepared read instructions.

This is an opportunity for actors to perform for Jennifer in a safe and intimate environment and receive specific feedback and/or re-direction. This sort of learning experience does not exist in the real world. You either book the audition or you don’t. You rarely have the benefit of any substantial feedback on your performance from a casting director of Jennifer's caliber.

Room: M-401


Jennifer Cooper is a Los Angeles based casting director and owner of JENNIFER COOPER CASTING. She has been involved in casting upwards of 500 episodes as well as many films. She started as an intern in casting over a decade ago and hasn’t looked back since. Jennifer works with many networks including CBS, FOX, ABC, CW, NETFLIX, CRACKLE, SYFY, TNT, AND USA.


  • Please prepare a film/tv SCENE of 2-3 pages in length. No monologues. Please bring a copy for the reader.

  • You cannot attend this class if you are already in Jennifer's 11:15am class or Michael Nicolo's 1:45pm class.

  • In order to attend this event, you MUST have a SAG-AFTRA Foundation account.

  • NO LATE ARRIVALS are admitted. WALK-UPS are welcome, but are only admitted space permitting to replace no-shows.

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