Working Professionally in the U.S. Hispanic Market - Part 2 with Gy Mirano

Voiceover Lab

New York

Working Professionally in the U.S. Hispanic Market - Part 2 with Gy Mirano

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

6:30 PM
Check-in begins at: 6:15 PM

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Working Professionally in the U.S. Hispanic Market with Gy Mirano                                                                     

Trabajando profesionalmente en el Mercado Hispano de Estados Unidos. 

These workshops are for all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Over this two-part seminar, actress and voice-over artist Gy Mirano will present a general overview of the voice-over market in New York, provide individual goals assessments, guide you in your recording booth etiquette, recommend homework and techniques, and discuss creative goals with each actor. Both classes will close with a Q&A about creativity and the business of the business. Classes will be conducted in English, with conversations and copy reading in Spanish.

El seminario es para todos los niveles (principiante, intermedio y avanzado) y será dividido en dos sesiones. Su coach, la actriz y locutora Gy Mirano, hará una presentación sobre el mercado para actores y locutores que desean trabajar en Español en Nueva York. Así mismo, proveerá evaluaciones y metas, guías sobre la etiqueta en la cabina de grabación, recomendaciones acerca de tareas y técnicas, y charlas personalizadas con cada actor sobre sus metas creativas. Ambas clases concluyen con un “Preguntas y Respuestas” (Q&A) sobre la creatividad y el negocio a nivel profesional. Las clases serán conducidas en Inglés, con conversaciones y lectura de textos en Español. 

Part Two 1/30/19

When auditioning, working on-set or at a recording studio, the goal is to aim for total authenticity and fluidity. To connect with the script. To give a great interpretation. In order to meet the professional expectations, perfect pronunciation and command of your voice are a must. Working at the professional level requires it. In this class we will work on assessing your pronunciation and fluidity in further detail when reading copy in Spanish. Coaching in English will also be available if preferred. Texts in both languages will be provided.
 Each student will be individually evaluated, focusing on script reading technique, career goals, website/social media presentations, and casting protocols. You will get concise and practical feedback at the end of each session.
 If you desire to improve your voice-over artistry, and work as an actor in Spanish, this is the class for you. It will help you to understand the New York Hispanic acting market, and also to identify your strengths in order to find your place creatively.  


Gy Mirano is a New York actress, voice-over artist, and arts advocate originally from South America. She is on the Advisory Board and Film Jury of CUNY’s The Americas Film Festival of New York, Advisory Board of the Jersey City Arts Council, and Film Jury at the Queens World Film Festival. Ms. Mirano is an elected SAG-AFTRA New York Delegate serving her third term. She also has extensive experience on national committees representing the interests of Spanish-language actors. Her work as a performer together with her advocacy of Latin American arts and culture in the U.S. was recently recognized with the Gabriela Mistral, Julia de Burgos, Frida Kahlo Award. 


Two solo booth sessions must be completed.

Basic Spanish comprehension and speaking required.

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